2020 Maxfield Parrish Exhibit & Sale!

JULY 2020

“Independence Number”

This month’s illustration from 1905 was called simply “Independence Number”. This Maxfield Parrish painting was used as the cover illustration for the well known and widely read Collier’s Magazine issue dated July 1, 1905.

Independence Number

Independence Number

A young colonialist presents to the authoritarian King George, who fancied himself King of America, a list of to-do’s setting forth the concept that this Country did NOT need a king, but instead needed a democratic and duly elected president.

We must remember:  Thanks to the efforts of our wise, democratic and educated first President, George Washington, the new concept of three separate and co-equal bodies of power, judicial, legislative, and executive, was put into effect and made to work, and our country has never had a king rule over it. Some will say today that the people surrounding the current occupier of the White House need a reminder of ALL of that.

July 3, 1909.   Collier’s Magazine cover illustration.

Young America Writing the Declaration of Independence

His document begins:         “King George III,
            When in the course of….”

Perhaps these two examples of Parrish’s tongue in cheek illustrations, both of which were used as the covers of the well known and widely read Collier’s Magazine, will serve to remind us again of this important government concept, so dearly won with the blood of those who died to keep us free from future tyrants of all shapes and sizes….

Happy Fourth of July.  AGS.


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