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MARCH 2021

Spring Comes to “The Oaks”

Both Maxfield Parrish and his wife Lydia Austin Parrish were inveterate gardeners and received much satisfaction from tending the natural beauty of their home, The Oaks located on a hillside in NH with spectacular views of Mt. Ascutney facing them from across the valley in Vermont.  With his famous sense of humor, the aging artist spoofed himself as an elderly gardener watching with loving interest a young plant shooting its first limbs toward the sun. 


Parrish was first drawn to the property shortly after he and Lydia met and married in Philadelphia.   With a generous loan from his father, Stephen Parrish, the young couple bought a spectacular hillside property with giant oak trees, access to a magnificent spring of water, and shaded by giant oak trees to protect them from inclement weather and provide them with ample wood for their fireplaces.  The young couple aptly named their property: “The Oaks”


Mt. Ascutney

Garden Gate Post


Front Garden Wall

The Big Oak Tree massive bulk in the Parrish garden.


For your enjoyment, my husband and I decided to share above some of the first signs of spring throughout The Oaks from when we lived there…now with the wisdom acquired as elder gardeners, we can enjoy this little spoof of the artist with his contemplation of a little plant shoots reaching toward the sun as the elder gardener watches for the first signs of spring and rebirth.


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