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August-September 2022

  Hot Times In TheSummer

This is the hottest time of the year, prime time for trying to cool off by getting near a body of water if you can. While Maxfield Parrish did not live anywhere near the ocean, he had plenty of ways to get near places where there was  water. He never missed a chance to feature views of water of some sort in his landscape paintings.

We feature here the next to the last painting in his 27 year career of creating landscape scenes to be published in glorious color each year by the Brown & Bigelow Publishing Company of St. Paul, MN. as their yearly advertising calendars.  B&B renamed this “Quiet Solitude” when they published their calendar for the year 1962.

Cascades 1959

Cascades (1959)

This is the painting which Parrish had completed and had given it his chosen name by 1959. Let me remind you for the umpteenth time that he was born in 1870. So, for all of you who can’t add or subtract any more without using the built in cell phone calculator, that meant he was still at work at his easel at age 89. Simply marvelous!

And for those of you who wonder if Parrish had access to a deep canyon for inspiration near to where he lived, the answer is “Yes”. You have only to drive west out Vermont Route 4 towards Woodstock, VT., and stop at the world famous Quechee Gorge, the “Grand Canyon of the East” in local parlance.


To continue our presentation for this period, I decided to show a seldom seen painting called Little Sugar River.  A charming scene depicting the mouth of a placid little stream. In this case the stream is not the better known Sugar River which flows through Claremont, NH, but instead the little 13 mile stream which traces a winding path through the woods to empty into the Connecticut River at North Charlestown, NH.


Little Sugar River

Little Sugar River

The painting is signed by the artist so there is no question of its authenticity.



It was gifted by a private individual to a Virginia museum, but not much is known as to what inspired Parrish to create such an unusual scene as this in the early 1920’s






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