Highlighted Works

An extraordinarily well preserved early Parrish poster now has been added to our list of items currently for sale.

Autographed 1896 Show Poster

An original full sized 1896 show poster autographed personally by the artist, which is very hard to come by.  In this case, “full sized” means the full poster dimensions of 28″ x 44″.  This is Ludwig Catalog item #47.

This poster has been expertly cared for through the years, and has been recently inspected and professionally reframed. There are no creases, tears, or folds in the paper, making this an extremely rare and valuable acquisition for any collector.


A pair of extraordinary early Parrish drawings are currently available for purchase.

These exquisite drawings reflect  draftsmanship skills already evident at age 20, which is before Parrish’s career as an artist began in earnest. To put this in perspective, these are the words are inscribed in the lower right corner of the drawing of the clock:   “Newport.    Sept.   1890.”

The framed measurements are as follows:
1. Clock: 15″ X 18″
2. Clock Hand: 12″ X 18″

You can see a detailed view by double clicking on any of the images above.