Alma Gilbert is a dealer, curator, author, and broker specializing in Maxfield Parrish. Her archives on Parrish—both physical and mental–are extensive. She provides the following services regarding works of Maxfield Parrish:

  •  Identify, authenticate, and give appraisals
  • Handle sales, privately, brokered through auction houses, etc.
  • Acquire desired pieces for clients
  • Organize exhibits
  • Author descriptions
  • Provide provenance
  • Speak publicly

Alma is also knowledgeable about the Cornish Colony, the thriving enclave of painters, sculptors, poets, playwrights, composers, designers, dancers, writers, politicians, and actors in New Hampshire centered around Parrish and the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Alma is available for public speaking engagements and tailors each presentation to the needs of the audience. Topics she regularly speaks on are listed below. Please ask about any subject that interests you that is not on the list.

  • Maxfield Parrish: Master of Make-Believe and American Icon of the 20th Century
  • The Age of Elegance: The Cornish Colony of Artists
  • The Women Artists of the Cornish Colony

12 thoughts on “Services

  1. Greetings Alma,
    This is Josie Roase and I met you many years ago. I still have the book
    The Make Belive World of MAXFIELD PARRISH and SUE LEWIN
    which you signed for me with a beautiful message.
    I felt moved to reach out to you as I was looking this over.
    Many blessings,
    Josie Roase ~

    • Hi Alma:
      My wife just acquired a numbered original edition lithograph of M. Parrish’s “Lady Violetta and the Knave examines tarts in oven etc.”. Your notarized signature is on the back as a distrubutor of this fine print produced in a numbered limited ed. in 1995 which was Number 40 out of 750. I came across the auction notice at Southeby’s and also noticed it on your website which is for the original. Since the original painting they are auctioning off is valued at $900-$1200 would it be correct to assume that this fine print which is nicely framed would be worth considerably less? All the information about the original purchase was affixed to the back of the frame. Thanks, Dennis Newman

      • You are mistaken, Josie. The original being auctioned off at the Dallas Auction House has an estimate of between $900,000.00- $1,200,000.00.

        Depending on the condition of your limited edition print, it would be selling between $300-$450.

      • Dennis: The original works are always infinitely more valuable than a print of the same work. The original sold for $1,092,500.00. You have my suggestion about the value of the print above. ags

  2. I have a decoupage by Alma Hughes Gilbert dated 1914, it”s the birthplace of Mary Baker Eddy founder of Christian Science. Do yo have any knowledge of the artist or the piece?

  3. i just purchased a print of “enchantment” from pomegranate in 1989. this has your authority and was designed by patty burke. it is still in original shrink and has old price tag, just wondering if this was something made for your old gallery, maybe how many you printed, i can read the copyright through the shrink and havent unrolled it so i dont even know what it looks like, anyway , thabk you for your dedication and openness,,,,

    • Thank you for your inquiry. The print of Enchantment was published by Pomegranate Press from my transparency of the original. They printed and distributed them. While they sold the edition, they paid me a little bit of royalty. I have no knowledge as to how many prints they published in the 70’s from my transparency. I trusted then with whatever royalty payments they issued.

  4. Dear Alma, Years ago – about 18 I began collecting Maxfield Parish prints and art in frames I will never attempt to remove the backing of to peek. How might I learn more about what I have? I am in the San Francisco area in CA. Thanks for your time! Vadette Goulet

    • Did you collect vintage prints or limited editions? Limited editions have a number in pencil on the white border and the image should be bright and clear and not faded. Early vintage prints would show signs of fading and yellowing. You should take them to a dealer in the SF area who handles prints and they’d be able to let you know. ags

  5. Dear Alma,
    We are trying to get hold of you with regard to the 4 remaining Whitney murals by Maxfield Parrish. You held a very interesting speech at the Tylor Museum (I believe) some years back with regard to these murals, and I would be very interested in speaking with you.
    Thank you and kind regards,
    Ellen Svestad
    Bryan Enterprises

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