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APRIL 2021

Spring Planting

Thoughts of spring each year in the Eastern part of the country turn to the planting of the land, whether it be for flowers, fruits, vegetables or just decorative plants. As soon as the ground was dry enough to prepare it would be readied. Maxfield Parrish related to this annual ritual with a pair of advertising posters for the venerable D. M. Ferry Seed Company of Detroit, Michigan.

For the final two works commissioned by Ferry’s Seeds, Parrish relied on the themes of well known children’s nursery rhymes for his inspiration. Two of his unique interpretations of these rhymes are contained in these Ferry Seed Company advertising posters.

Mary, Mary

The “Mary, Mary Quite Contrary” poster was done in 1921, with the artist’s daughter, Jean, posing, and looking very wistfully down at the results of her handiwork.


D. M. Ferry Seeds Poster (1923)

The other and last Ferry Seeds poster was a play on the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, again with daughter Jean posing.

The year 1923 marked the end of Parrish’s needing to accept regular commissions for advertising works. His lucrative career of producing annual calendars for the Edison-Mazda Lamp Company was just starting to exceed all expectations. Then as a followup, the spectacular painting “Daybreak” for Reinthall-Newman was unveiled later in that year 1923 to enormous acclaim.

And the rest is history as they say.


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