Happy Spring

This painting which Parrish created in 1909 is entitled “April Showers” and was published as the cover (in color) for the April 3, 1909 issue of Colliers’s Magazine as depicted here.

April Showers (1909)

I posted this image in recognition of all the heavy and continuous rains which have both blessed and cursed California this month, refilling badly depleted reservoirs, burying California’s famous Sierra Nevada ski resorts in over 35 feet of snow, closing the Yosemite Valley for an indefinite period of time, and flooding it’s massive and economically important farmlands.

With the ludicrous oversized umbrella in the painting, It is almost too easy to imagine Maxfield Parrish having just gone through a very similar Spring event which would have seen most of New England get pasted by one of the famous “Nor’east” storms which periodically roared up the East Coast.

Enjoy the spring weather.



In regards to any 2023 exhibit of Parrish originals, I have suspended exhibiting privately owned Parrish paintings, taking into consideration the uncertain political and economic conditions at the present time.

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