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June-July 2022

  Summer Days

The “lazy, hazy days of summer” as the song says tempts one to take time off to inspect how your garden is doing, or perhaps simply lie on your back and count the clouds shimmering by, and wiggle your toes at the sunshine in silent salute to the warmth around…

This year I decided to lay around a bit and to bring a smile and sigh of enjoyment for remembrances of past days such as these.  Wiggle your toes in salute to passing clouds and enjoy one of Mr. Parrish’s better known landscapes as his pictorial ode to the lazy days of summer!

Sheltering Oaks

Sheltering Oaks

The painting known as Sheltering Oaks was used by the Brown & Bigelow Publishing Company as their advertising calendar for 1960. This was B&B’s name for the painting, not Parrish’s name, which was a rather uninspiring  “A Nice Place To Be”  This piece was actually finished, signed and dated in 1956.

Mr. Parrish surely felt this laziness some days also…His summer landscapes usually showed some portion of the Connecticut River near his home,  the shimmering waters tempting the viewer or passerby to dip his or her toes in their cooling freshness…

And we must not to forget “The 4th” of course. For July fourth, the traditional date of the publication of

Reviewing the Declaration

Reviewing The Declaration

the Declaration of Independence, we remind our readers of Parrish’s humorous take on how the Declaration was conveyed to King George by the upstart Colonialists.


The King George cartoon was a Collier’s Magazine cover, in color, for their July 1, 1905 issue.


This is a good reminder of the early important contract that Parrish had with Collier’s which provided the income that enabled him to begin building his magnificent home on Freeman Road in Plainfield, New Hampshire, and, not any less important, to start a family.





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