2018 Maxfield Parrish Exhibit & Sale!


Lights of Home (aka Silent Night)

One of my favorite winter scenes is the luminous night time oil painting depicting the Freeman Farm bathed in moonlight. The farm was the home of Parrish’s closest neighbor at the foot of the hill below his home “The Oaks”. This small 15” x 13” oil painting was completed in 1943 and Parrish gave it the title Lights of Home.

His publishing company Brown & Bigelow issued their print of this painting as a Christmas card in 1945 under the title  Silent Night. In one of his letters to his daughter Jean, the artist mentioned driving home one winter evening past this farm house and seeing all the lights in the front windows serving as a guide to the approaching turnoff up the steep hill to his own home.


A special treat this month

Just in time for Christmas giving, since they are for sale ,and are probably the most affordable gift of an original Parrish watercolor currently available, are the three watercolor and ink drawings by the artist depicting concepts for the design of an ornate clock. Penciled notations on the clock paper refer to “Newport, September 1890”. These delicately executed watercolors by Parrish have not appeared on the market for 20 years.

Mantle clock

An ornate clock design which measures 15” x 18” framed. On the verso of the paper are pencil drawings by Parrish depicting 7 types of knots.





Sketch of the detail for an hour clock hand, measuring 12” x 18” framed.

Ornate clock hand

Two clock faces

And finally, two designs for clock faces, framed above and below a print of the finished illustration from Louise Sanders’ book The Knave of Hearts, in which he reprised one of the clock faces. This combination piece measures 18” x 29” framed. Enlarged views of the two round pen & ink clock face drawings above and below the print can be seen in the sub-menu called “Highlighted Work”


In regards to our 2018 exhibit of Parrish originals currently for sale, please view all the paintings, watercolors, and drawings by clicking on the Art for Sale link above.

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