Happy New Year to all my Clients and Friends

This painting which Parrish created in 1901 is entitled “The Cardinal Archbishop” The painting was published as the frontispiece (in color) for the December 1901 issue of Scribner’s Magazine.

The Cardinal Archbishop (1901)

I posted this image this month for its imaginary qualities common to almost all of Parrish’s paintings:

It is almost too easy to imagine the Archbishop enjoying a relaxing morning out of doors in the fresh air after attending to religious duties on New Years Eve and celebrating the required New Year’s day observance.

Absolutely gorgeous color for such an early date. Parrish did not have to travel very far to pose this scene. He modeled this as own open air front porch at his Plainfield NH home which he called “The Oaks”

Enjoy your holidays.



In regards to a 2023 exhibit of Parrish originals, I have temporarily paused preparation of an exhibition display for the new year 2023 of privately owned Parrish paintings, taking into consideration the uncertain economic conditions prevailing at the present time.

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