Parrish Murals sold by Alma Gilbert

These are the murals by Maxfield Parrish which have been handled and sold by Alma Gilbert during her career.


Whitney East Wall 2-A and East Wall 2-B; Whitney West Wall 3-A and West Wall 3-B

Whitney South Wall 4-A and South Wall 4-B

Two of the Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney mural panels, originally mounted on the west wall of her Long Island studio, designated as west panels 3A and 3B above, were stolen in August 2002 from a Los Angeles art gallery in a daring weekend robbery. The FBI considers this theft as on of the top ten art heists in the world. The robbery is still unsolved.

The Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney North Wall Panel

The DuPont 1932 Mural

The Study for the Old King Cole Mural

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