Art For Sale

Shown below are the Maxfield Parrish works currently for sale as of July 2015.

Let me know if any of these are of interest by sending me an email at for prices, additional information, history, condition, and which museums have exhibited them and what books have shown them as illustrations.

An enlarged view is available by clicking on any thumbnail image.

10 thoughts on “Art For Sale

  1. Dear Ms. Gilbert,
    I am inquiring the about Study for Swiftwater/Misty Morn. 1953. I have a small Parrish, and would not mind adding to that collection. I am an art dealer myself. Could you please quote me a price for the painting. If you have a dealer price for the Parrish, perhaps you could give that some consideration. Nicki Solomon, Nicki Solomon Fine Art. 781 769 8557

    • Hi, Nicki Solomon: I assume you are related to Jack Solomon whom I knew well during my years in San Francisco. The beautiful little oil “Study for Misty Morn” has been shown in seven museums and was always very popular when I had at on display at the Parrish Museum. It is for sale for $150K. Alma Gilbert

  2. Dear Mrs. Gilbert:

    I am in possession of a small wooden carving (plaque) 7.5 x 7.5 inches, of the face of the North Wind. It is signed in graphite on the back, M. Parrish, Jr., Cornish, N.H. 1933. Can you enlighten me, was Maxfield Jr. a sculptor or a whittler? In 1933 I do believe he would have been approximately 27 years of age. The writing is cursive and is very distinct. It’s quite a wonderful piece. Any light you could shed on this subject would be tremendously appreciated.

    Kindest regards,
    Cynthia S. Odom
    Nashville, Tennessee

    • HI, Cynthia! Maxfield Parrish Jr. was the artist second son. He studied at Harvard and was quite talented. He did not go into art work but liked to draw, write, doodle, whittle and work on cars. He was his Dad’s executor since MP thought he was the most levelheaded of his children. AGS

  3. Ms. Gilbert: I saw a study of the St. Regis Old King Cole on your website and was wondering if it had been sold. I remembered one had been auctioned at Christie’s or Sotheby’s several decades ago, when I was in the business. I recall it was in a silver colored frame. Was that the same one? Did that study have Jay Hambidge’s lines of symmetry visible, by the way?
    H M Duncanson
    Westchester, NY

    • Hi, Ms. Duncanson: My page of Art for Sale does NOT show the study for the Old King Cole Mural. Eons ago, I acquired the Study for the Old King Cole from the Vose Galleries of Boston and it came with a letter of authentication from Max Parrish, Jr., the executor of his Dad’s estate. That was sold about 40 years ago. I don’t know if the person who acquired it sold it again at auction. When I sold it, it had a massive pedestal wooden frame. ags

  4. Hello Ms. Gilbert, I am in possession of a ” Night in the Desert” limited edition print that was done in 1985 along with a letter of authenticity. It is in perfect condition and has been framed in glass for all of these years. I am considering selling it and was hoping that you might be able to give me a ballpark figure as to its worth. Any information would be much appreciated! Thanks so much,
    Kim Opine
    Phoenix Az

    • Thanks for the inquiry, Kim. You should have your receipt for what the print cost framed. I would imagine the print if it has not faded should make at least a 30%-40% increase in what you paid for it. I suggest you look on E-Bay and see if there are any other similar prints of Night in the Desert and at what they are being sold for these days. Prints do not have the appreciation value that the originals have. ags

  5. Hi Alma. Thanks for notifying us of the sale of Maxfield Parrish art. We have purchased several prints in the past and might consider so again. I like Little Peach and the Fisk tire ad. Are you currently in Cornish? When is the museum open to sell the art? Are you doing the selling from California? The link you gave did not prove helpful.

    Thanks. Mollie & Robert Ostroski

    • Thank you, Mollie. Museums DON’T sell originals. I am retired and living in CA. As a retired art dealer, I am brokering this magnificent collection of 23 originals for the owners. Would you like the pdf for the price list? I can send it to your e-mail. All you have to do is follow instructions and e-mail me at

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