Art For Sale

Shown below are the Maxfield Parrish paintings which we currently have for sale as of November 2013. Brief descriptions, dates, and background information follow the pictures. You may click on each icon for an enlarged view. 

Let me know if any of these are of interest by sending me an email at for prices, additional information, history, condition, and which museums have exhibited them and what books have shown them as illustrations.

Remember: an enlarged view is available by clicking on any thumbnail image.


1.  Cutout for Prince Codadad’s Pirate Ship.  1906.  Size:   19 1/2″ x 12 1/4″.  Media:  Brown paper and pencil cutout done in preparation for the finished work owned by the Detroit Art Museum.  SOLD.

2.  Dreaming/October.  1928.  Size:  32″ x 50″.  Media:  Oil on board.  Extremely famous and rare work, the only one in existence that graphically shows how the artist painted.  It was done originally for the House of Art as “Dreaming”.  Parrish decided to change it into an ode for October and was working on it when he died.  From the former collection of Whoopi Goldberg.  PRICE UPON REQUEST.

3.  Study for Comic Policeman, Foot on Stirrup.  c. 1910.  Size:    5 1/2” x3 7/8″.  Media: Brown paper, crayon and watercolor.  PRICE UPON REQUEST.

4.   What They Talked About.  1899.  Size:  14″ x 10″.  Media: Three pen and ink finished drawings which are the originals for three of the thirteen tailpieces used for the book:  Golden Age by Kenneth Grahame, published in 1899.  SALE PENDING.

5.  First edition of the famed children’s book The Knave of Hearts written by Louise Saunders and lavishly illustrated by Maxfield Parrish. Published in 1925 by Charles Scribner’s Sons.  This is the valuable and hard to find hard cover version. The book binding is intact. There are no loose, torn, missing or damaged pages. The interior pages are are on very heavy paper stock and reproduce in full color brilliance all of Parrish’s full-page illustrations, exactly as they were printed over 80 years ago.  SOLD

6. A cutout showing a design for a silver lamp, done for Mr. and Mrs. Cameron Forbes in Massachusetts. Dated prior to a final design in watercolor done in 1898. This cutout piece is a recognized Parrish item with the Ludwig I.D. number 851. The finished lamp was intended for installation on the Forbes family private yacht.  PRICE UPON REQUEST.

7.  Lady Violetta Examining the Tarts.  1923.  Size  19 1/4″x 14 3/4″.  Oil on board.  Illustration for the famous book by Louise Saunders:  The Knave of Hearts,  published in 1925.  A beautiful painiting, in fine condition.  SOLD.

8.  Study for Swiftwater/Misty Morn.  1953.  Size:  7 1/2″ x 5″.  Media:  Oil on board. Don’t let the relatively small size fool you. This is an extraordinary, finely detailed painting. Hard to believe that it was not itself the end product. However, we must call it a “study” as Parrish later produced a final painting in the dimensions he normally used for the Brown & Bigelow landscapes. PRICE UPON REQUEST.



  1. Dear Ms. Gilbert,
    I am inquiring the about Study for Swiftwater/Misty Morn. 1953. I have a small Parrish, and would not mind adding to that collection. I am an art dealer myself. Could you please quote me a price for the painting. If you have a dealer price for the Parrish, perhaps you could give that some consideration. Nicki Solomon, Nicki Solomon Fine Art. 781 769 8557

    • Hi, Nicki Solomon: I assume you are related to Jack Solomon whom I knew well during my years in San Francisco. The beautiful little oil “Study for Misty Morn” has been shown in seven museums and was always very popular when I had at on display at the Parrish Museum. It is for sale for $150K. Alma Gilbert

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