About Alma Gilbert


Do you have a Parrish original for sale, or would you like to acquire one? This is now the primary service offered by Alma Gilbert. She also consults, identifies, authenticates originals, and coordinates museum and gallery exhibits of Parrish artworks.

Alma Gilbert-Smith is considered this country’s premiere authority and consultant on the works of American artist Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) as well as for other American artists of the nineteenth and twentieth century which populated the famous Cornish Art Colony in the Connecticut River Valley towns of Cornish and Plainfield, New Hampshire.

Her art career has extended across the country. She has worked from coast to coast setting up Parrish exhibits over a period of 40 years as a dealer, writer, broker and consultant. She has founded two museums which have exhibited most of Parrish’s major works. Her archives on that artist are extensive and informative. She has set up exhibits of his works in several museums around the country and has also assisted with exhibits of his work overseas.

A commemorative room honoring her legacy was dedicated by the State of New Hampshire at the Concord State Library in August 2012. Mrs. Gilbert-Smith founded and maintained for many years a museum displaying the works of Maxfield Parrish as well as the works of other prominent artists of the prestigious Cornish (NH) Art Colony.

Alma Gilbert is now (mostly)  retired and lives in Southern California, enjoying lovely coastal vistas such as the one above. She actively continues writing, authenticating and consulting in all aspects of the career and paintings of Maxfield Parrish. She also handles private sales of major Parrish originals for her clients.


Among her major clients are: the City of Philadelphia, most of the large auction houses of the country, museums and important clients in the fields of finance, computer technology, politics, investment and entertainment.


  1. Power Point presentation: Maxfield Parrish
  2. Power Point presentation: Artists of the Cornish Colony
  3. Power Point presentation: The Women Artists of the Cornish Colony


Maxfield Parrish Museum, The Oaks, Plainfield, NH

Cornish Colony Museum, Cornish, NH and Windsor, VT

Parrish House Museum Foundation, Plainfield, NH


Marquis Who’s Who in America

Personalities of the West and Mid West

U. S. Congressional Advisory Board for Commerce and the Arts

Commemorative room at the Concord, NH State Library, opened August 2012


Alma Gilbert is tougher than any old New England boiled owl”.

–Stan Colby, Plainfield Museum Board member

She has done for Parrish’s name and fame what any loving daughter would have done for a beloved parent.”

–An unknown Parrish fan from Utah in a recent blog


  1. Ms. Gilbert,
    I bought a small oil painting off EBAY of a boy bent over with his hands on his knees that was attributed to Maxfield Parrish (signed with the initials MP, so it is either his or an impersonator’s). The seller also sold a pen and ink “Pickle Man” painting attributed to him also from the same consignor. I am thinking of trying to authenticate it, and would like to know how to go about it.
    Thank you very much,
    John Fritz

  2. Hello,
    I am plannig to email you regarding a print I have from Jan. 11th 1931 of Mawell Parrish’s Twilight.. It was a wedding gift to a man Paul LaRue and given to me in 1972 by his wife, Germaine.

  3. I have a Zephyrs from Melodyland “Twelve Tuneful Pieces, published by G. Schrumer, Inc NY est time late 20’s early 30’s.The cover resembles MP. young guards,each side of page, Background resembles “Sugar Plum Tree’s background . Guards garb (black and white checkered tops and orange tight pants. It is so Parrish I can not believe it is not. Advise me if you would like to examine it Respectfuly Bob Tingle

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