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Welcome to Parrish

Welcome to the world of Maxfield Parrish by Alma Gilbert.


Alma Gilbert’s new book, a detective mystery novel called “The Case of the Purloined Parrish” was announced on November 1, 2014.


A renowned expert on the art of Maxfield Parrish, and the history of the Cornish, New Hampshire art colony, Alma Gilbert brings her forty plus years of experience as a museum owner and curator to this, her first venture in fiction.

Her plucky heroine, Maggie Winters, an elderly Vermont museum director, is suddenly faced with the apparent theft of a recently donated and very valuable Maxfield Parrish painting. Gilbert uses the calm beauty of rural Vermont as the setting for an exciting and fast-paced story of the museum’s efforts to uncover the whereabouts of the painting.

Along the way, Maggie, her friends and loyal staff must cope with a group of unsavory characters who are attempting to seize the painting for their own use. Thwarted by the painting’s sudden disappearance, the group resorts to murder in an attempt to locate the prized painting before Maggie can solve the mystery of its disappearance. Can Maggie win the race against time with her opponents?


Soft cover, 246 pages, priced at only $12.95    (California residents please add 9% sales tax. Thank you.)

Shipped postpaid by sending check or money order to our address at

2275 West 25th Street, #38
San Pedro, CA 90732


We announced as of September 15, 2014 the availability of a new Giclee based on the famous painting that Mr. Parrish created in 1938 for Nancy Roelker, with whom Parrish fell deeply in love late in his life.  It took the artist an almost an entire year to finish the original painting upon which the Giclee is based.  I can assure you that this is the most beautiful of any of the Giclees I have ever published.  It is being done in an edition of only 300 and the low serial numbers which are the most prized ones are still available to those of you who order early. Many of you have already ordered my book Maxfield Parrish: The Secret Letters published last year, where I talk about this work. “It’s one of the best landscapes I’ve ever done” is what the artist wrote about his painting to Nancy, prior to gifting her with the work which he had created in secret throughout the year just for her.

I had the pleasure of having the original painting on exhibit once briefly in my gallery in Burlingame, California, and in my humble opinion, it is one of the very best of Parrish’s long career. The original is in a private collection.

The Giclee is done on canvas laid down on board and measures 18″ x 20″, the same size as the original.  I am offering it at $250 unframed for easier shipment.  I chose to have the Giclees done on canvas so there would be no question that they are not the original work.  Parrish did not paint on canvas after 1909 except when he was doing one of his large murals.

Riverbank Autumn

Riverbank Autumn

The above image is of the Giclee as framed by us. Be sure to click on the thumbnail for an enlarged image. Then use my email address to order one.  They are $250.00 unframed, and $395.00 framed.  California clients please add 9% sales tax to the above prices when mailing in your check.  There is no tax for out of state shipments.  I will pay for the postage to mail these Giclees. Upon receiving your email,  I can advise you of the available serial numbers.

The address for ordering is:

2275 West 25th Street, #38
San Pedro, CA 90732

Do you have a Parrish original for sale, or would you like to acquire one?

Alma Gilbert-Smith is considered this country’s premiere authority and consultant on the works of American artist Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966). She also consults, identifies, authenticates originals, and coordinates museum and gallery exhibits of Parrish artworks. Go to the “Art for Sale” page on the menu bar above for more information.

Alma Gilbert’s book publishing site creates a book destined to be a classic.

This is the cover of Alma Gilbert’s acclaimed book, “MAXFIELD PARRISH: THE SECRET LETTERS” which was published early in 2013.  It is destined to become a classic in the field of literature about Maxfield Parrish, along with one of Mrs. Gilbert’s earliest books, “MAXFIELD PARRISH: THE MASTERWORKS”.


This fascinating story is based on the discovery of a cache of 323 previously unknown hand-written love letters by Maxfield Parish to a  young lady who has never before been mentioned in the archives of the artist’s papers. Christie’s auction house sold this famous collection for the owners in October 2013  for over a quarter of a million dollars.  Much of the information in their catalog was derived from Alma Gilbert’s book on the letters.

Please go to the “Publications” section from the menu bar above for further description and ordering information on this and other Alma Gilbert books.



Alma Gilbert is now (mostly) retired and lives in Southern California, enjoying lovely coastal vistas such as the one above. She actively continues writing, authenticating and consulting in all aspects of the career and paintings of Maxfield Parrish. She also handles private sales of major Parrish originals for her clients.

Her contact information remains the e-mail address:



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